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Advantages of Linkplus G3 to G4 firmware update?

Ryan Simmons

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Just looking at the G4 firmware update for the LinkPlus G3 and would like to know some more information on it. Could someone explain to me the benefits of doing the upgrade, I am quite novice when it comes to ECU tuning as this is mainly left to my mapper. He tells me that the update is not worth bothering with however i do wonder if he has actually looked into the differences / benefits of doing it!

My engine is a 2.2 3-sgte running COP's, 1200 cc inj's, hta3582r and fixed cam timing (no vvt etc), so pretty basic when compared to newer engines.

What advantages will i gain from updating? 

Also, i have read about people having difficulty transferring there current Ecu map and settings back onto the Ecu once its been updated? Some having to punch each and every cell figure in individually, having to alter axis and scales and running into problems on the way. Is this still the case? or is there now an easier way of doing this?

And finally, Is this update free to us G3 owners? as it states on the original advert page for the Linkplus - 'As new features are developed they are made available completely FREE. These updates can be downloaded, installed and new features used immediately.'


Thanks for the help


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Hi Ryan,

If your engine is running with no problems on your G3 Linkplus then there probably is no point in upgrading, unless you want to do something new.

The advantage of upgrading is gaining functions that the G4 range of ECUs have, but the G3 ECUs do not. An upgraded G3 ECU will have all the functionality of a G4 that the G3 hardware supports.

The basemaps between a G3 and G4 are not compatible. They do need to be manually changed over. The table axis in the new basemap need to be manually setup to match the G3 basemap. The table values can then be copied and pasted from the G3 to the G4.

All G3 firmware updates are free to G3 ECU owners, the last version produced being version 1.9.0 which came with PCLink version 3.40.



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