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Help smoothing out a map

Jason LeBlanc

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Hello, I am new to this whole tunning ,over the summer I had the opertunity to build engines for a oval track team & we also got inbto ecu tunning ,So I built a map,from reading ALOT ,I was hoping someone could look it over & give me some tips as to how I can improve on it ,But dont forget to tell me why... thanks Jay


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Hi Jason.

I think most people would be a little jubious of offering advice with next to, or in fact no information about the vehicle at all.  Even if you did tell us all about it, every car responds a little differently.  I think what I am trying to say is if you had a specific problem, told us all about the detail of the car ie.  I have a 2.0L SR20 '92 Primera, standard injectors, distributed ignition and it keeps missing at 3300RPM, I have tried X, Y and Z and getting no where... you would get a bit more of a response.

Not bashing you at all, but trying to give you an understanding that things just aren't as simple as "can you give me some tips".  Is it a race car application, what fuel do you run, how is the map running in the vehicle?  All these things help people give educated answers.

If you have a specific problem or interest, and the manual can't cover it then hit us again... Just need a bit more info.  Cheers.


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