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Changing Rows on 4D fuel Table

Matt Dunn

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Currently I am using the 4D fuel Table, and it is mapped from 50 to 200kpa on the vertical Axis. After playing with the program I have been able to change the start and table increments to get it to scale up further, as I am now going to need it to go up to 250kpa. The question is, Are you able to edit the values of the rows on the vertical axis, and add more rows than the current 11 rows? as i thought that was one of the advantages of the G3 LEM, over the older linkplug G1's etc? Matt

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Only the two main fuel tables and two main ignition tables have independently adjustable rows and columns.  All other tables are spanned using start and increment values.  11 rows allows a reasonable amount of tuning precision.  Remember that the 4D table is effectively a fine adjustment and that numbers between the rows are interpolated.

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