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LinkPlus (G1) Cold start and Crank Enrich/Crank Decay relation

Esa Hintsala

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- Manual says, that Crank Enrichment is the fuel to be added when cranking and a short period after starting. How long is this "short period after starting" and does the Crank decay affect to this period? - When does the Cold Start (Post-start warm-up) activate? Is this related to Crank Decay? What does the Cold start value represent? For example I have value 32. What does it mean?

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The crank enrichment is removed on a per TDC basis. If you have your
crank decay set to 20 it will take 20TDC events to remove one unit of
enrichment. a value of 30 would take 30TDC events for one unit.

The actual time taken is also affected by your master value.  The bigger the
master value the greater the effect crank enrichment has.

As such I can not define this to a given time.

Cold start is effective once the engine has burst. The number is just a number the bigger it is them more fuel you will get.

This is part of the issue with the older systems the numbers are not spicificly defined. This has been addressed in the new G2-G3 platforms.

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Burst is the moment the engine catches and runs on its own.

"So the Crank enrichment is not related to Cold start, but only to Crank Decay? So both the Crank enrichment and Cold start enrichment can be active same time" Correct

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