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Link G4 Plug in Knock Limits

Tim Wilhelmsen

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I have installed a G4 Knock Block to my Link G4 Plug in ECU, I have wired this so that it is windowed to the crankshaft as per the installation manual. I have used the measurement technique to work out my true knock frequency, and have set the gain and frequency on the knock block accordingly. When I data log and have some light load on the engine I see that I am getting numbers from the parameter 'knock level' for each cylinder configured.  I have put some numbers into the Knock Target table and can not see these on the log to help me build a good buffer above the general noise of the engine. I assumed this would have been the parameter 'Knock Threshold' but when I log this it says there is no data.

Perhaps I have the Knock Table configured incorrectly such as axis setup? Or maybe something needs activated so that I can log this table? or maybe I am trying to watch the wrong parameter while logging. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Tim

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Hi Simon,

I have been PC logging to date, Could you please explain logging all parameter's? How do I ensure all data is being logged?

I have values entered into the Knock Target table, when using my PC to log the data the parameter 'Knock Threshold' says there is no data. I suspect now with what you have said I have something turned off.

Thanks for your assistance

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I would like to add that I have found the PC Logging Setup under the logging tab of PCLInk G4, I haven't been in there before (always learning). Giving this some more thought after your reply I can confirm that under the 'Knock Control' Parameter, all items listed are in the logged parameter's tab. I think now, what I must have logging is the Knock Target table. At the moment I cant see this as an option under 'available parameter's' or in the 'logged parameter's' tab. Perhaps an instruction on how to enable logging of the Knock Target table will get me moving again.


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I have attached a basic example of setting up the logging parameters for you.

I have just used one of each of the parameters as I don't know what engine you are running, I just used a Skyline PNP as an example.

I don't know how many cylinders your engine is, I don't know if you are using individual cylinder knock sensing or group etc.

Hope the attachment helps.



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Hi Dave,

I have only discovered the ability to change logging parameters via PC yesterday. I can only assume mine has always been like this which has a huge list of logged parameters (Perhaps to many and at a slow rate compared with yours). The engine is an RB26, to me what I think I am missing is Knock Threshold parameter. How do I get this into the logged parameters window? I have had a good look for it under available paramaters and cant seem to find it anywhere.

Thanks for your time.

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