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Aux Ign GP Output High Side?


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I'm about to install a G4+ PNP into my Evo IX and I'm trying to program Aux Ign 7 as a GP Output (or Shift Light PWM) to activate when RPM> although the advantage of GP output is I'm thinking about programming cond 2 for Knock detection to power an LED on the dash. I need a high side driver, but there isn't an option (that I can see) to select low or high? 

If I change the use of Ign 7 to something else, like engine fan, I have the option to select low or high side? 

Would I also be correct in saying that although there are 2 expansion ports on the board, only one port can be used and out of that port there is only 1 usable analogue input (6), the rest aren't available and none are available on the second expansion port?

Thanks in advance, no doubt the first of many stupid questions..... :)



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HI Adam

The only drives that can high side drive are the Aux 5,6,7and8

The ignition drives will only give a polarity as in the active level is low or high. Rather than the ability to provide a 12V supply.

On the expansion port if you have the G4+ then they should all be available. If you can see them in the PC link tuning software then they are available.


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Thank you for the reply, I'll rewire the LED in that case :)


That was another query; the expansion port. I have the lead with all 8 wires, however the manuals say that only 'An Volt 6' is available, all other inputs are listed as 'N/C'? Is there a FULL pin out of the Evo IX PNP ecu showing all of the standard connector pins, as well as the expansion connector, as the manual only lists about 80% of them?


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