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Questions on Subaru Impreza WRX V3-4 Plugin pinouts

Alan Groves

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Have some learner questions to ask...

I have a V4 WRX with a G4 plugin, and now want to do some minor mods - digital input for logging on/off , launch, waterspray, and outputs for shift limit, waterspray.

Trying to find spare control pinouts for the above, from the plugin, which doesn't have many spare controls, hence these questions:

Auxilliary Output Aux 7 - appears to be available for use in the pin functions list (section 8.1 of plugin installation manual), but is not shown in the pinouts information (section 9.1 std  Subaru Impreza WRX V3-4 Pinouts). Is this Auxilliary Output available for use? And if so, where is the real-world connection?

Digital Input DI 4 - Neutral Switch - what is this used  for in a manual car? Is it used? Could I steal it?

A/C In and Out - could these be freed up and still keep A/C operating? I realise this may be a 'value judgement' and that an answer may be 'opinion only' :) My basic observation is that this combo raises idle speed when A/C turned on.

The above could make available 2x DIs and 2x Aux Outs for motorsport purposes.

Apologies if these has already been covered. Have attempted to search, based on 'WRX V3-4 Plugin'.

Cheers, Al

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Aux 7 and 5 are not connect through to the outside world so are not available to use.

Di4 could be used as its not critical for a manual application

The AC could be by passed to free up a Di and an Aux out. You could have the AC request switching a relay that then controls the ac clutch.

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