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Re: Another G1 ID request.

Warren Spink

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Hi. I've got this G1 of ebay. the main board has © 1998 on it as well as P9844. the daughter board has CCL-11612 on it. there is a sticker on the heat sinc that says 9812 s/n 384986 EDAC Systems LTD Christchurch. the main chip is a Motorola MC68C711E90FN2 and the chip on the daughterboard is a LM324N. i'd like to know everything or anything about it. what's it configured for. what can it be configured for. what's a seriallink worth or USBlink. what's a 200mm harness worth. thanks for your help.


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I pulled the Screws out that held in the daughter boaud and found EMX42 Iss D. so it's a EMX ECU. the daughter board has reluctor 42 under it. so i sort of know what i got now, but would still like to know it's capabilities, upgade path and anything else about this style of ECU. thanks. p.s. i'm reading the manual now.

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Its a bit of a mystery this one as the crucial sticker on the main micro is missing. To figure out what you have we are going to need to get a hand control plugged in and hope it has a software id.

The best thing to do would be to get the V5 upgrade and then it will be almost as good as a full v5. (you will be missing the functions on the rear plug that this board doesn't have)

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