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G4 Plug in ECU for b6 Audi a4 1.8t

Johannes Larsen

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Hi there, looking for a plug and play ecu for my 1.8t 2004 audi b6.

my specific model did come with a sensor in the thermostath housing, its a cold start thing i belive. it can be unpluged and the car will drive and act like normal. audi later ditched this on the b7 model as it was useless and realy not needed. Vipec did testing on all cars with 1.8t, except this specific modell.  They did not realy know how the ecu would react. it could work, or not.

have you tested the Link ecu on this model and confirmed that it works? is there anything else Iwould need to run the

Link ecu on my car?

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Do you have the engine code for this application?

Its not one that I know has been tested but the engine code will at least let us know if its going to be close.

The best way is to check our pinout information in PC Link vs the car. If it is a match then it will most likely work well.

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