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Settings not storing

Simon Vez

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A really long shot but make sure your power and signal grounds are in good shape. The way the memory works does not require power to be maintained once a store has been performed. No reason for it to be any different in the car than on the bench as far as the memory goes. The settings change even with out running the engine?

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As long as I dont turn off the ignition key off, the settings remain. Correct me if Im wrong here: To STORE the settings, its basic flash to EPROM right ? (Electrical Programable Read Only Memory) So it needs a certain amount of electrical power to write on the EPROM. You might be right about the grounds. I will go buy 20 feet of 2.0Sq/mm wire and will re-run all 4 grounds to the engine block. MAybe I have poor grounds and its not generating enough power to write to the EPROM? Its still odd as why it keeps the settings.. meaning it stored it somewhere, but goes away when ignition key is turned off. Anyway, I will try the grounds. Here is something interesting at the bottom of the page: http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g1-engine-management-documentation/MY96Manual

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