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4AGE 16V TPS and igniter, V5e

William Grant

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I have a bigport 4age from a AE86 levin, and I am using a link V5e. I've had a browse through a lot of forums and havent quite found what I need just yet.

I am having a bit of trouble wiring in both the TPS and igniter. Firstly the link manual says for the TPS i must use 3 wires, My factory TPS has 4 pins and I dont know which ones to use, I know one is ground but struggling to find out what the other 3 are for.

Also the igniter has 5 wires in and Im stumped on what to do here, I plan on using a distributor setup using only IG1 on the LEM. So any info on this is greatly appreciated.



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This should help with the igniter wiring. http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-drawings/I08

For the TPS you will have a power, a ground, a variable signal, and a on off switch (0 or 5V)


E2 being - Ground

VTA is the TPS signal

Vcc is 5V

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Thank you for the quick response, If you could also shed some light onto the Distributor/ Cam angle sensor wiring would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it is a "Optical /hall sensor" type distributor, so i have to use the +12V optical/hall sensor power supply wire along with Trig 2. Basically I need to know the pin out of the distributor wires so I know which wire goes where.



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The 4AGE uses reluctor sensors so does not have a power supply.
The two white wires need to be connected to the ECU ground or shield on the trigger wires.
The other two give a trigger 1 signal and a trigger 2 signal.
If wiring in a G1 LEM and are retaining the distributor you only need the one trigger that has 4 teeth. This is wired to trigger 1 input.

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