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Clariying Wiring For G4 XS Loom

Spencer Koh

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Hi Team

I have a Subaru GC8 Version 3 with a G4 PnP. I have purchased a XS loom in order to wire in IAT sensor etc

Just to clarify a few things..

1. I plan to use a switch for low and high boost, From what i can gather, 1 wire on the boost solenoid is to be wired into my switch 12v and other wire to the XS loom? Will it be a 'Digital Input' on the XS loom?

2. I will be purchasing a map sensor from NZEFI. it is a 3 wire so am i able to wire it into my factory map sensor wiring?

3. Am i able to run anti-lag on a switch?




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Hi Spencer

1.For the low / high boost if the ECU is going to control this then the switch is wired in between ground or 12V and a Di input to the ECU, As the XS loom has a ground out it will be easy to take a the Di and the ground from the XSloom.

2.As long as the new map sensor operates off the same voltage as the original then this can be wired in to the existing wiring.

3. Yes no problem to have anti lag switchable.

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Thanks Simon

So my boost solenoid has 2 wires - 1 wire is to go to DI of XS Loom? 

                                                       - 2nd wire is to go to earth? 


So as stated above i can either have my switch go between earth OR 12v to switch to DI? 


Thanks for your help

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For the solenoid you need one side to go to a switched 12V feed and the other side is wired in to an AUX out from the ECU this is from the main header not through the XS loom as there will an output geared for the factory BCS.

You should be able to wire in exactly where the original factory solenoid was.

The Di input for switched boost levels can be wither to ground or 12V.

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