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EvoLink G3 (again!) Fuel pump relay - possible issue

Stephen Fargher

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Just upgraded my firmware to the latest (1.80) on my EvoLink G3.  was all good, except had to turn the IAT feature off as the firmware upgrade turned it on!!!  However, now after the car is run and then turned off, the Link keeps turning the fuel pump relay on and off every few seconds, until I turn the master battery switch off (it's a rally car)

Turning the master power back on, everything is normal again, link primes the pump etc,

Is it a possible bug in the firmware, or a dodgy setting in the map??

any ideas would be appreciated.



p.s car runs fine on the new firmware, just got dyno tuned today @ 205kw at the hubs, through a 36mm restrictor and standard turbo, injectors etc etc!!!!

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HI.  I'll email it to your tech address attention yourself.

regarding the upgrade, the only change hardware wise was moving boost control from the Blitz controller to the Link G3 unit.  I piggybacked the AUX wire from the loom, and connected it to one side of the solenoid, and ran 12v into the other side.  Thinking about it, the solenoid is fed 12v regardless of ignition switch position and is live until the master battery switch is turned off.  Dunno if that would make a difference.

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Yep that will be it. You will find that if you tune off the car and the pump is still running when you unplug the boost control solenoid the pump will shut down.

The ECU is getting a back feed through the solenoid and remaining powered.

Solution is going to be to have the 12V removed from the solenoid when the key is turned off.

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