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Knock wiring missing from install manual?

George Maddever

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Hi there, Just got my new G4 Xtreme and am going through the process of writing up the mapping document to allow me to integrate it with the loom on my car. Reading through the installation manual downloaded from the site, I can't seem to find a guide for wiring in knock sensors. The document is very comprehensive otherwise covering all the other types of input/output but no mention of knock sensor connection. It should be pretty straightforward but I thought it odd that there doesn't seem to be anything in there. Look forward to getting it all up and running! George.

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since 90% of knock sensors are single wire jobs.. the cabling will be coming straight back to the ecu as a screened single core. see in the loom where the screen is connected... and remove from there and use the screen or GND output which pair with the knock input on the g4.

think that makes sense

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