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Tachometer connection, Volvo 164 Turbo, Sweden

Jonas Stenberg

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Hi, I am about to connect my MSD6A to my LINK G4 Engine management system on my Volvo 164 with 2,1 liter turbo engine. The volvo is from 1969 and has a pretty rare dashboard with a VDO tachometer. The tachometer was connected to the minus on the coil in original. I understand that I can´t connect that way now without frying the tachometer. The LINK G4 will trigger the white wire on the MSD6A via an Auxiliary Output. Is it possible to modify or to put some device between the Auxiliary Output(tachometer) and my tachometer to modify the signal so my tachometer will work? /Jonas, Sweden _____________________________________________________ Some pictures of my Volvo 164 with 2,1Turbo a>a>http://forum.savarturbo.se/viewtopic.php?t=18794&start;=0

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I would start by using an aux out from the ecu this is a low level signal and is very unlikely to do any damage to the tacho. If this fails then you might need to look at some of the options from MSD for allowing the use of a coil negative tacho.

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