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Problem with ALS

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Hi everyone.

Im the owner of a v2 impreza. I run a vipec v7-v9 pnp impreza ecu  with the pinout adapted to my ecu wiring.  The ecu worked right at the dyno and the ALS and LC worked also fine.

The first time that I drove the car I found a little misfire at 2500 rpm when I leave the pedal from the accelerator.

Now, with the car stop and the engine runs, I get misfires at 2000rpm, The ALS interruptor OFF and ON is the same thing.  Also, with the interruptor On or Off the ALS dont works. I find that  the idle cicle is managed to 2000rpm and the misfires are a 2000 rpm.  If I change the idle cicle to 2500rpm  I get the misfires at this rpms.  Always, if the ALS interruptor are On or Off is the same thing and the ALS dont works.  Remember that the ALS worked fine at the dyno and some days after.

The LC works fine always from the dyno day.

I need your help.

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Looking at that file you have a V44 plugin so have moved topic to the V series forum.

It is also running very old firmware so it would be worth considering an upgrade to the firmware as there will be a number of new features and bug fixes.

There were a number of changes to the Anti-Lag too.


However looking at the Lag settings I can see you are running mode 2.

This is a GpN mode and is expecting the throttle to be held open. As such the cyclic cut will always be active.

Mode 1 might be a better match for your application.

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Well....  I did the firmware update and reconfigure the ALS but I dont have ALS effects. Obviously I'm a Beginner in ecu tuning and I get the help of a friend that is professional tuner but he lives at 7000 kms from me jeje.  The isc valve opens and the rpms up to 3500 4000 but dont get ALS effects ( some boost or bangs at the exhaust)   Also I get a problem with the boost, the car runs with the wastegate standard boost 0.7 bar. I test the solenoid with the output test of the vipec and it sounds. And the wastegate opens if I put it 0.7 bar with a air pump...   :shock:


This is the actual map


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please try the attached PCL file, I have set this up very basically, and used your activation point of 80% THROTTLE POSITION as the basis of this file for ALS.

Also your DIGITAL INPUT 4 was also setup as a falling negative trigger, but you had the active edge set to rising instead of falling.

Use extreme CAUTION using this file as it is only to prove the system works.

EGT (EXHAUST GAS TEMPS) and AFR MUST be monitored while using this mode.

ALS is extremely harsh on engines and turbo chargers.

Sorry wont let me upload anything I even tried a screen shot, my tune file is 37.5 Kb and says I have

exceeded my limit ????????.

Sorry cant attach the tune file



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please find attached a demo file based off your original ALS setup being 80% tps AND 4000 rpm.

I also found an issue with how you had your Digital input setup. and I have corrected that also.

Please reread post number 8 by me regarding EGT temps etc.




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