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Strange coolant temperature reading

Craig Tickle

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I have a very old Link ECU circa 1996 (LEM4?), it's still performing well but this weekend was the first time the car has been really cold soaked.


No amount of cranking would start the car so I attempted to increase the 0° cold start setting but found the programmer was displaying the current engine temperature as 500° !


Is this expected behavior at low temperatures or does it indicate a fault with either the ECU or the coolant temperature sensor.?

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Hi Craig


If the temp came right once there was some heat then its likely a firmware issue where the temp calculation has overflowed causing it to read at the other end of its scale.

No real fix for this other than a upgrade to later firmware which would require a retune and ECU back to us for a V5 upgrade.

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Would this also have made the car very hard to start?.  We ended up having to tow it down the road to get it to fire. At normal cold temperatures say around 6°C it fires straight up.


Or to rephase the question, could I expect an improvement in very cold starting ( <0°C) if I send the ECU back for upgrading?

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