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I/O Expansion


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Hello all, 

       I am currently running a V-88 on my coyote engine but will be switching to the G4+ Extreme in order to use some of the new capabilities of the new generation of ecu. The Coyote is very intensive on output usage which only leaves about 4 outputs for use with non-engine management things. There are several body control items that I would like to incorporate into the ecu. My question is this, Is it possible now that we have CAN configurability to use a second Link for said control. The main thing is whether the ecu can utilize an RPM CAN channel without a trigger. I know engine position will not be transfered but it is not needed. I just need the RPM as a switch for certain Items such as A/C. Could it perhaps be possible in the future to offer a secondary firmware for the Atom or Storm ECU to turn them into I/O expanders. Seems like a good option for those looking for additional outputs. Thanks!

Blaine Carmena

Carmena Performance

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