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PNP Ignition Outputs for wasted to direct spark


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I'm in the process of converting the stock 4G63 wasted spark coils to direct spark COP setup and appear to have hit a speed bump. I've just gone into the manual and PCLink software and it appears that to run sequential ignition you need to align the output with the firing order (IGN OP 1 to Spark 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4, etc)? 

The issue I have is that ignition outputs 3, 4 and 5 on the EvoLink IX PNP are already used for other functions; fuel pump, A/C Fan, and NB heater respectively.

Coincidentally, ignition outputs 6 and 7 are available (both physically unwired) therefore making them ideal to use for a mini loom to control sparks 3 and 4- but I don't believe I can program them for this???

Is this a software limitation (that could be changed in PCLink/ firmware), or is it a hardware limitation of the ECU?  I am reluctant to start moving pins about within the stock ECU plugs, hence the query.


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It is a firmware limitation. However the ignition and fuel control is so embedded it would not be wise to try to make this an option. As the risk of causing major firmware bugs is far to large.

You will have to do a wire shuffle to allow the use of 4 coils in a sequential fashion.


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Thank you for the reply Simon,

That's what I thought you might say, but worth asking as it would have saved a headache! :-)  

One other query with the Aux outputs (not Ign or Fuel), outputs 8-13 can't be assigned the 'shift light' function, I would assume this is because they don't/ can't provide a PWM output? 

Would it be possible, again via software or firmware revision, to assign any of the 8-13 aux outputs to be activated directly from the shift light settings, but instead of a PWM output, just turn on or off? I have currently got the LED connected to Aux 13 on the expansion harness and although it doesn't ghost (as it did when on Aux Ign 7), I have had to set it as a GP output based on RPM >7200.

To give me the 2 levels I had in the shift light settings I have set the GP output to activate for RPM >7200 OR virtual aux 3, set to RPM >5000 and gear <2.

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Hi Simon,

As I can't select PWM output on any of these auxiliaries, it is only possible to activate an output by doing the above. As the ECU can be set to limit at different temperatures and in different gears (which is how I have mine set), it would be helpful if there was an option to switch a digital output ON as soon as the ECU applies any RPM limit? I guess it's the same as the traction light option, but for RPM limit.

Not sure if that makes more sense? :-)


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Hi Simon,

That's EXACTLY what I needed, thank you :D

I's also noticed that Aux Outputs 1 to 9 that have option to apply a label, 11 to 16 don't come up with that choice? One last dumb question on Aux Outputs, is there no way to change the firmware to add a low frequency PWM (i.e. <20Hz) option to these outputs too?

Big thank you again for the replies B)

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