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Alternator control and other issues


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Afternoon all.

Im looking for a bit of advice. Is there anyway in which the alternator charge can be controlled by the ecu. The stock unit was wired into the ecu so im assuming it was controlled to some degree. I know evos have an ecu controlled ecu so this may be similar.

Its on a ford duratec 30 V6 engine. Im wiring it up this week and dont want to spike the ecu if it decides to charge up to full if I get her to start. 

The TPS seems to be weird as when you watch TPS main when moving the throttle it goes up in thirds ie 33% 66% etc wiring seems fine. Any ideas?

Both the IAT and ECT are sitting at -40 no faults are showing. There standard ford NTC sensors I think


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For the TPS check the raw voltage reading. It should span smoothly if its moving in steps then there is an issue with the sensor.

The Ford sensors will likely not be a conventional scaling you could try the Ford Falcon CHT sensor cal this is from a cylinder head temp sensor for the Ford falcon BA.

If this is not correct you will need to do a custom cal.  

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On the EVO's we don't control the alternator. In some cases it is a pure feed back to let the ECU know its charging.

It will depend on the signal required from the alternator. The ECU can do a PWM output based on battery voltage.   

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