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toyota 5 fe triggers

ed zahratka

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You have a couple of options.

One is to use the 4 tooth trigger only and run group fuel and distributor ignition.

The second is use the 24 tooth for trigger 1 and remove 3 of the 4 teeth and use the remaining single tooth as the trigger 2 input.

This would be the better option as the resolution for ignition control is better and it allows sequential fuel.


The common wire will be the sensor ground you will need to check which is the 24 and which is the 4/1 tooth.


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re-configured to sequential fuel injection,gound off three of the 4 pick ups. wired trigger one to white wire from dist. marked ne in wiring schematic,wired trigger 2 too the red wire from dist. marked G1 in schematics and remaining black wire from dist. to censer ground. then set trigger 1 to cam censer,24 tooth. set trigger 2 to crank x1.now reads rpm's runs great! thanks gain for the help!

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