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Link tuning cable


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Hi there.

Regarding the tuning cable which plugs into the ECU connector.           

Is only Pin 5 and 6 used for comms with pclink?

I have a KMS UEGO to run on pin 3 and 4

Want to run a display on Pin 5 and 6 also but separately of course

Is it possible to have a 3 way 2 pole rotary switch  pclink---off---dash?

I need the UEGO all the time, can I just connect this to a CAN bus connected directly at the board? and disconnect the tuning cable can conductors?

Many thanks for any advice

3WhiteCAN H
4GreenCAN L
5YellowECU RS232 TX
6GrayECU RS232 RX


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Hi Dave,

I have the Link G4+ plug in for a r33 gtr.

I am using a dash4pro which receives from Tx and Rx @ 57.6 kbaud

Also need Tx and Rx for the tuning cable I think?    but not at the same time hence a switch maybe.

Appreciate your help




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If I am tuning the car I have to use the USB based cable, this I think comes from the pin 5 & 6 RS232, please correct me if I am wrong.

I need to run my KMS wide band also into pin 3 & 4  CAN  or directly on the plug in board at the same time.

When the tuning is done I wish to run a dash from 5 & 6 RS232.   

Just want to make it switchable,    ie  Tuning + wide band      or     Dash + Wideband.


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The tuning cable is geared to be connected in to the tuning port this is separate to the CAN/RS232 port.

You are not able to use this at the same time that a device is using the RS232 output.

If the display is able to use CAN and can operate at the same speed as the KMS then you could have both unit on the same CAN bus.

This would then allow all devices to be connected at the same time.

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  • 8 months later...

Back again,  the project was shelved for a while, but is back on now..

Just need some information how to set up a dash4pro dash on serial RS232 using the ecu manager.

I cannot see on PCLink how to set it up.   CAN is no problem with the KMS uego.

In the help file and the RaceTechnology instructions it says to set data streaming to OFF 

I cannot even find this anywhere.

I hope it is not in an obvious place,  apologies in advance.

Cheers  Mike


ps I pasted the help file page below and highlighted what i need to set.


This function is provided for the attachment of devices to the ECU that require various modes of serial communication.  Communications will be at the currently selected Baud Rate.  The following options are provided:


·OFF - Data will only be sent when requested - Note this mode is the same as the Requested-Short mode.
·Continuous - 12 Hz - A long data stream will be sent 12.5 times a second.
·Continuous - 25 Hz - A long data stream will be sent 25 times a second.
·Requested - Short - A short data stream will be sent when it is requested.
·Requested - Long - A long data stream will be sent when it is requested. This data stream includes individual cylinder knock detection values.
·Continuous - CRC32 - A continuous 25Hz long data stream inside a header and a IEEE CRC32 checksum. This mode can be used with the MoTeC dash board using the correct configuration.




·The selected Data Stream Mode will not take effect until the next time the ECUs power is turned on.

Continuous streaming data will be halted if any device (including PCLink) tries to communicate with the ECU.  Data streaming will recommence next time the ECUs power is turned on.



The following data stream modes should be used for these devices:


·DisplayLink - Note that the LinkG4+ ECUs only support communication to the DisplayLink over CAN, not serial. For older ECUs: Requested - Short.  57600 Baud.  DisplayLink FW V1.4 or later can use either Requested - Short or Requested - Long.
·Aim Dash - Requested - Short. 19200 Baud.
·Racepak Dash - Requested - Short. 57600 Baud.
·RaceTechnology - Requested - Short. 57600 Baud. G4+ PCLink comes with a Race Technology variable calibration file for the the DASH4PRO, the new file will make the DASH4PRO Oil pressure read correctly in PSI. You can find the file in the CAN sub-directory.
·DashDaq - Requested - Short. 57600 Baud.
·MoTeC Dash - Continuous CRC32
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