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Link G4+ PnP Fault Code 26 & 74


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Hi All, 

Recently had my Link G4+ PnP installed & setup on my 1997 R33 GTST Series2 w/RB25DET, based in Ireland

Last night out of nowhere, my EML started to flash in a sequence then I lost all power & had to get the car recovered home :-(

Hooked up the notebook to it this morning and the car started fine(typical) but the Link software was showing the following errors

ECU Fault Code 26: An volt 6 below Error Low value
ECU Fault Code 74: Analog 5v Supply Error

An6 - NB Oxy(V) = 0.74 going up to 0.82

Now, I have been having intermittent lumpy running below 3.5K since the Link ECU was installed a few months back but we have a innovate wideband on the way. At a guess those codes refer to the narrowband lambda sensor?

Link ECU Fault Code 26 & 74

EML sequence

Will be contacting the tuner later but looking to learn something here

Thanks in advance


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Hi Simon, 

After further discovery, we reckon that that error code came up as a result of the battery dying and the lambda one is because my narrow band is failing

we ran the car on idle yesterday for approx 20 mins and no faults and it seem to idle ok

suspect is fuel pump relay and/or clifford immob killing power to the fuel pump - ever heard of this?

when i went to crank it over, it would start but then die after approx 5 secs, potentially due to using up the fuel in the lines as the pump wasn't on

all theories right now, thanks for the reply

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