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Problem using Aux 9 to control fuel pump?

Dr G

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This is my first post here. I am using a V88 ECU to power a Ford 347 cc engine in a 1956 Ford pickup truck. The truck is being turned into an auto-x and track vehicle.

I installed the V88 in 2013. I did all the wiring and sensor installation myself, with advice from Neel Vasavada here in LA. He also helped me get it running. And it has run fine since then.

I just completed an overhaul of the braking system, power steering and front suspension. The truck has been sitting for about 2 months. During that time the ECU was here in the office sitting on a shelf.

I have hooked everything back up and now cannot get the engine to start, at all, nothing. It cranks over fine but that is all. After a couple of days of troubleshooting this is where I am at:

The fuel pump is controlled via a 12V mini-relay which is triggered by the Aux 9 output of the ECU as a low side trigger. The same wire also triggers a separate relay which supplies 12V power to the eight ignition coils.

When I turn the ignition ON, the fuel pump comes on for a few seconds to prime the system, as it always has. During this time the ignition coils are also powered, I checked at the relay with a multi-meter. However, when cranking, the two relays are not being triggered by the ECU, so there is no power to the fuel pump or the coils when cranking, which would explain why it will not start.

Question - what could cause this to happen? 

I am using an MSD distributor as both a REF and SYNC sensor, though not as a distributor obviously. Is it possible that a problem with the REF or SYNC sensors would cause the ECU to not power up the fuel pump?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Gustave - Los Angeles



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Jase, thank you for your response. It prompted me to look at a few of the other tabs under runtime values. And what I learned is that I had neglected to turn my ECU controlled "kill switch" on. Pretty stupid mistake on my part.


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