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  1. I went with a Elite 1500 for my can am/seadoo plug and play harnesses
  2. Unfortunately on the rotax engine platform ive had to use another ecu as the bad starting and kick back issues i had with the link was damaging starters and bendix's ,in saying that i use link for most other customers and have no issues and love to use/tune them. Cheers
  3. Mattias i messaged you back mate.
  4. I have sent you a email Jase
  5. race jase

    Install Buddy

    I am a link installer/dealer Your more than welcome to call me on 0415041477 Cheers
  6. No Worries My mobile no is there so if you have any issues your more than welcome to contact me I am also in WA and live in perth Cheers Jase
  7. Mate im a Link dealer and live in Australia Drop me a email racejase@gmail.com with what you need and i can help you out Cheers Jase 0415041477
  8. Not yet Christmas got in the way but will get back to this over the next few weeks and will post my findings.
  9. Exactly what i was about to suggest, Do a compression test , change plugs , check air cleaner etc. You could also do a leak down test just to double check the health of your engine. Always a good place to start.
  10. Hi Simon, Yes i know what your saying and have discussed with you these issues in detail previously, I have actually unplugged a V44 unit and with the same harness plugged it into the storm using the exact same map i had issues with the storm that i didnt have with the vipec. Now i have also tried a complete vipec plug in map on a storm and atom with the same kick back (trigger) issues. I am in the process of making a new plug and play harness for a customer that we will be using on a rotax 900 engine and extreme ecu, shit i really hope i can figure these trigger issues out as pulling the engi
  11. The problem here Adamw is on some of these engines it can be a engine out and strip to just get access to the trigger wheel at a cost of between $1000-1600.00 min so its not cheap There has to be some way in the software or settings to help with this , Link still make a vipec unit for another aftermarket parts company that plugs into the seadoo factory harness that does not have these starting issues so there has to be a difference in how the triggers are picked up between the link and vipec units. Jase
  12. Is this the 900 Ace engine? Im not sure why but in the days of the vipec we had this running our engines with out issue, when the vipec was discontinued and we changed to link we started getting kick back issues that i couldnt get rid of (trigger problems) . On our 4 tec engines we cant change the style of crank trigger (36-2) with out major costs and a engine out and strip to do this. I have also tried changing trigger voltages, changing rising to falling , falling to rising with out any joy ,but on the vipec i am running a trigger arming of 0.2,0.5,0.8,1.5,2.5,3,3.5,3.5" with trigger 1 filte
  13. Your more than welcome mate!
  14. That wont be a issue for the link i wouldnt think, we dont get any trigger errors at high rpm Good luck! Jase
  15. All i did was machined the trigger magnets from the outside of my mag then had a friend draw up what i needed via cad and had it water cut out.I had it rolled to the diameter of the mag and tacked it all together these work well to our rev limit of 7500-8000 rpm Jase
  16. Hi I suspect it would be more along the lines of the Extreme , you will need to use a external controller the LC-2 seems to be a popular choice but any thing will work.
  17. Hi we use them on our 2 stroke jetski engines The tripples are yamaha 1100 and 1200 engines We also use the same thing on our twin cylinder seadoo fuel injected 2 strokes
  18. Hiya I can take a pic of one of my trigger wheels tomorrow when i goto work but i have made mine at 36-2 and 24-1 both work well Jase
  19. Looking at your pic Your mag has 3 spaced pickups (magnets) at every 120 deg your stock ecu can work out tdc from this but the link can not You have the same problem we had so there was a couple of options, either add another sensor somewhere on the engine so you can run a trigger and home sensors so the link knows when a tdc event is or the way i went is making a multitooth/missing trigger wheel this worked for us no problem on our tripples. Jase
  20. We just have them made to suit what we need, Can you send us a pic of your crank pick up and triggering?
  21. I have done this on tripples a few times and we ended having to make up multitooth/missing trigger wheel for it to work correctly as we only had crank pick up. Jase
  22. Yes all the link G4+ models can do modelled fuel equation
  23. all the rotary maps i have seen have been tuned in injection time, i just checked all my old haltech files and 90% of engines are tuned in VE except RX 7/8, why im not sure hopfully simon or scott will chime in here.
  24. Hi Mate, The plug and play will drop into your standard harness, the link software can be down loaded from this web site and includes a start map to suit the EVO VI of course if you have diffrent injectors you will need to do basics like install correct dead times etc but yes it will start your engine The ecu will control knock but on this unit i think a external controller is required, and yes you will be able to run launch control antilag etc. cheers Jason
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