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Evo III Speed input jumpy


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I have a Link G4 Storm (non PNP) and I am having an issue with the speed input on DI #1. The car is a 1995 Mitsubishi Evolution 3.

It seems rather jumpy in the logs which makes it hard to control other functions. I noticed on the pinout there is a separate pin for speed sensor ground which I do not have pinned. Issue is the car uses a mechanical cable to the cluster and then converts it to a signal for the ecu from the actual speedo. From looking at it, it does not have its own ground on the back of the cluster. What would be the best way to go about rectifing the problem?



Thank you in Advance

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When you refer to the pinout are you referring to a factory EVO pinout or the Storm pinout?

If the factory EVO ECU provided the ground to the sensor then the Strom should be doing the same via the sensor ground wires / pin.


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