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AIM (Race Studio) -CAN Bus parameter display.


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I've an AIM Evo 4 that I'm successfully reading CAN bus data from my Link G4+ Xtreme. However Race Studio only allows me to configure the ECU as a Link G4, and will only display a very limited set of parameters. I'm specifically attempting to display my Trans Temperature (AN Temp 4) however Race Studio has no such parameter. The only channel that appears close in Race Studio is "Channel 4" which appears to relate nothing when configured as a G4 and possibly AN Volt 4 when configured as a VIPEC. 

Any ideas before I attempt to get AIM to release a new version of Race Studio?


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Hi Daniel,

On your G4+ Xtreme are you using the 'Generic Dash' stream? If yes, you may be able to fool the system. According to the PCLink help file the generic dash stream sends out the 'Oil Temp' parameter. In the G4+ Xtreme if you were to configure AN Temp 4 as 'Engine Oil Temp' then the data from AN Temp 4 would get sent out over CAN. One thing to be careful with is you would need to remember that AN Temp 4 is actually geabox oil temp, and also be aware if the ECU is using the oil temp for any type on control (oil cooler fan, etc), then this may need to be thought about.

The ideal solution would be for the AIM to be configurable to receive what you need.


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