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Engine dies when ignition map 2 triggered by DI


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Hey guys,

I've got a switch panel on the dash that I've wired up to six DIs for turning things off and on.

I'm setting up knock sensing at the moment so had the idea of using a switch to change to a 2nd ignition map that would induce knock, so I wouldnt have to pull over and fluff around with the laptop to change it.

So. I enabled the 2nd ignition map, set it to be a seperate map instead of interpolating or adding together. Assigned it to DI10.

Opened up the runtime values screen and checked that when I switch DI10, the ignition map changes - Yep works fine, 2nd table enables and 1st table disables.

Both ignition maps completely identical, all of the values have been copy pasted from ignition table 1 and I double checked they're all fine.
Buuutttt as soon as I switch to the 2nd map the engine splutters and dies.

If I bring up a gauge for ignition timing it shows that it's trying to hold the exact same ignition angle as before, it isn't advancing like crazy or anything.

I had a look through runtime values screens and DI10 isn't triggering anything else, I've only got 1 fuel map and haven't set it to switch on/off anything else that I'm aware of.

I'll post up my map / logs when I get home tonight.

My switch panel is externally fed 12v as it's got lights etc on it but from what I read this shouldnt be an issue.

Using the latest firmware / PClink version.

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Aaahh correct you are Scott, cheers.

I went through every option 1 by 1 and found that there was a speed limiter set to 180kph assigned to DI10.

However since my speedo isnt working correctly at the moment it thought I was going faster than that so just completely cut fuel.

Is there an easy way to see what maps etc DI switches are assigned to, or vice versa?

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