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G4+ Fury Toucan or KMS CAN Display?


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Does anyone know if the G4+ Fury can output gauge / warning light information to either the JT Innovations Toucan CAN Display or the KMS CAN Display?

I am looking for a compact way of showing monitoring information that is going into the ECU whilst keeping my Tacho/ Speedo. I already own a KMS CAN Display.

Thank you.


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The Fury is able to talk to either option.

The KMS configuration is below.

Setting up the Link ECU:

1.Open the CAN Setup window (PCLink > ECU Controls > CAN Setup)
2.Select the CAN module to be used
3.Set the Mode to 'User Defined'.
4.Configure the Bit Rate to 1 Mbit/s
5.Select a spare CAN channel.
6.Select 'Transmit KMS CAN Display' from the Mode drop-down menu.
7.Set the CAN ID to 40.
8.Set the Transmit Rate to 20Hz.
9.Make sure no other CAN channels are configured on the same CAN ID as the KMS CAN Display channel.
10.Click Apply and then OK.
11.Make sure a Store (F4) is performed.


Setting up the KMS CAN Display:

1.Refer to manufacturers instructions.


The 'Transmit KMS CAN Display' Mode will send out the following parameters to the display.


Engine Speed

Oil Pressure




CAN TC Cyl 1

CAN TC Cyl 2


Batt Voltage


Inj Actual PW

Lambda 1

Lambda 2

Ign Angle

Injector PW (Sec)








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