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3ur-fe tundra 5.7 e-throttle probs


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Hi guys. Running an old silver xtreme with 4.10.2 and can't get the throttle to work properly. It's giving me a error 4 max dc 80%. I tried shutting off the e-throttle and cycling the throttle flap. Noticed that the sub isn't changing voltage. Also tried switching the sub and main. As well as tying both sub and main to one wire to see if that would fix. No luck. Any suggestions? Also pid suggestions would be great.

Thanks for any help on this. I'm beginning to think I need a new throttle body. 



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Few things to check.

Make sure the fault settings on the AN volt inputs are clear of the voltages being seen from the throttle.

On the Toyotas the TP sub will only span to about 70% of the main which will cause issues so will need to use the TP main signal to feed both inputs. (G4+ fixes this)

Check throttle moves in correct direction when doing the calibrate it should close then open fully.

IF you start with lowish PID figures it should be enough to do the cal process and then you can refine them later.

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