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Aim Mxl Pista & DislayLink


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I have deen using an Aim Mxl dash for about a year now with my g4 storm on my altezza.

I upgraded to a g4+ extreme and i would like to know if there is a way to setup the ecu to receive data from the dash.

I also have a silvia s15 running a g4+ pnp with a Displaylink. For an unknown reason the display powers up for a second and immediately goes off.

Sometimes a couple of columns of pixels remain visible but most of the times only a red led remains on.

Any help will be appreciated

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Hi Vasilis,

Good to hear you have a few of our ECUs!

Yes, the Aim MXL will be able to communicate with the G4+ Xtreme. Was your G4 Storm communicating with the Aim over serial or CAN?

When the DisplayLink powers up does the screen show any text or images before turning off?


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Hi Scott,

The g4 strom was connected via CAN.

when the DisplayLink powers up shows the Link logo for a split second then the display and backlight switch off.

When I press the left or right button the red led goes off and sometimes some pixels show up on the screen.


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Hi Vasilis,

With the DispayLink, try holding down the select button then switching on the power to the DisplayLink. This should cause the unit to do a reset.

It is possible to configure the ECU to receive CAN bus data from a device (including a dash). This is known as custom CAN configuration and it can be complex to setup. What you would need to know is the data structure the dash is using to send the information on the CAN bus. 

I would recommend having a read over the following in PCLink Help:

PCLink Help > G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > User CAN Setup

This topic gives information on the different settings and some examples of how to use the custom CAN configuration.


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