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One annoyance i have is my rev limit is supposedly set to 7200rpm but it cuts in at 7000rpm sometimes even lower.

Is there an easy way to change this to 7400rpm? I obviously will not be going that high, didn't map my car.

Also the way it cuts in is like a fuel cut. Is there a way to have the rev limit behave more like OEM?

Layman's terms please 

Built MR2 Turbo with Garrett GT3076R

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Hi Midshipracer,

we need to see how the rev limiter has been setup in your pcl file.

The rev limiter is also dependant on ECT values.

There is a chance your tuner has setup the rev limiter in advanced mode which can result in inconsistent rev limiting due to certain conditions.

Please take a screen shot of the rev limit setup or your pcl file.

Also need to check he does not have any GP RPM LIMITS set.




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I've had a quick look at your base-map, and am sure Dave will take a look also when he gets some time.

The reason your rev limit feels like a fuel cut is because it is set to ' Fuel %cut'. It is possible to set it to an ignition cut instead if you like.

The advanced limit settings are turned off, this means that the RPM limit is introduced across a range of 200 RPM, this is why it starts cutting at 7000 RPM even though the table is set to 7200 RPM. This 200 RPM range is good as if you didn't have it you would go from 0% cut to 100% cut straight away and this is hard on the engine. By progressively introducing the cut you are being easier on the engine. If you want the limit to start cutting at 7200 RPM and finish at 7400 RPM you can bump the limit table numbers up by 200 RPM.

Here is a little video showing how you would modify the map to raise the limit table by 200 RPM and change to an ignition cut. You may want to change to an ignition cut first, see how you like it, and then raise the limit table by 200 RPM. Be aware that you are in effect raising the level your engine is allowed to rev to by doing this. There is potential for engine damage.


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