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Being able to add/multiply/etc in PC link


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So I find that often I'm logging things, and then exporting to CSV to load in Excel for a few different reasons. Usually when trying to adjust settings to find fuel efficiency.

so what would make PClink awesome is if there was the ability to add/subtract/multiply/divide/etc to make dials / graphs / etc.

As an example, fuel efficiency calculations. It's some complex maths to convert KPH and effective duty cycle to get an economy nunber. Or even if you're using modelled fuel, you still need to divide the fuel used by the speed to get a number that's meaningful.

Ideally I'd like to be able to drive along, and see both an accumulating average of fuel economy and also a realtime economy gauge, so that if I'm on a straight road I can get the driver to engage cruise control, then experiment with leaning it out, or adding ignition timing etc and very quickly getting some feedback. Or even better if I was on a dyno and could hold it at a specific rpm/load. 

It wouldnt need to be any overhead being calculated by the ECU, as it could be applied in 'post' by your PCs processor running PClink to produce the dials / graphs / etc.

Currently with Link G4+ Xtreme, ~3400rpm cruising speed at 100kph and wideband in closed loop with 14.7:1 goal AFR I'm getting about 7litres per 100km. Which is awesome! 

However I reckon there's still some better economy to be had, by experimenting with leaning it out / VVTI timing / ignition timing. But I lack the useful feedback to know whether I'm heading in the right direction while tuning in realtime.

Another example Using engine ROC & vehicle speed. If you were on a drag strip etc where it's consistent and flat, you could do some maths to give you a number that essentially equates to the power or torque at the wheels.

The number itself wouldnt necessarily be useful, but the idea is that you can make changes and then do another run. Then see if the line goes up or down to see if you're heading in the right direction.

There are a lot of possibilities I reckon! It would be awesome :)


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I reckon some features that would be cool, in addition:

-Being able to have a rolling average, that samples last 100 (or however many) samples for a dial or graph.
-Taking the mixture map functionality, but allowing it to display things apart from AFR. (Would be interesting to see average fuel economy readings, in each load zone)

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