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Question about flat response knock sensor settings


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So I'm using a Bosch donut type knock sensor. 

Which without filtering picks up everything (It's really interesting to listen to the regular engine noise, with headphones!)

Howeverfor configuring a knock sensor in the Link, the options are:

4-10khz wideband
10-20khz wideband

And then a list of narrowband options.

I know that my engine knocks in the ~6khz range, however does this mean I need to use the 4-10khz wideband option, or do I select the 6khz narrowband? 

If I select the narrowband option, is it assuming that all knock that it "hears" is occuring at 6khz? Or does it mean that it picks out just the 6khz frequencies out of the rest.

I've picked 6khz narrowband, and it seems like the signal to noise ratio is better than when I selected 4-10khz.

However is this the right thing to be doing, or should I go back to 4-10khz since I'm using an unfiltered knock sensor.

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