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2jzgte g4x+ tune questions


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Hi there.

Just starting out learning to tune, and need a little help if possible.
I'm running single turbo, 1000cc bosch injectors and ls1 coils. I've set the dwell up for the coils.
Running the base file, it seems a long way off running decently, as expected though. 
At startup, it's holding revs at about 3000rpm for 5 seconds. I turn off the post start hold time but that doesn't seem to change it.
Where is the easiest place to start with the tuning? I presume I turn off all of the warm up enrichment etc first, as mentioned in your pclink tutorial, then play with the fuel and ignition there?

I would throw it at a shop to do, but I'd prefer to learn myself and get a better understanding.



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Under ECU Settings > Idle Speed Control > Idle Speed Control  do you have 'Stepper Reset' set to Key-Off or Key-On?

If set to Key-On the idle stepper motor will be resetting when the ignition switch is turned on. This will allow a lot of air to bypass the throttle plate and cause the engine to rev high until the reset is complete. 

Good on you for wanting to learn. The PCLink Help file has a lot of useful information, but if you are looking to learn in a more efficient manner you might want to check out High Performance Academy's Learn to tune video series for the Link ECUs.

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Hi Scott.

Yeah the Stepper Reset is set to off. I do believe I found the problem I was having though. Starter step up was preset back to 150 when I downloaded the latest version, which lasts 3 seconds at startup. Sounds like that's it!
Never had the problem previously, but makes sense now.

I'll have a look over there for sure. I have fiddled with fuel and spark tonight, maps look a lot better now. Also realised I haven't set the base timing properly, which is definitely needed!

Few things to try, will post at the next hurdle :).

Thanks for the reply.

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