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Removing flames from a rotary....


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I've a 13b turbo in a new Tatum offroad desert car. It's proving to be a powerful powerplant and up to the task of offroad racing. However I do have an issue that may see me thrown out of most endurance events (especially that of forests). 

That issue being the short exhaust, and the fact that I'm working the car hard, proves to produce quite a bit of flame on gear change (a sequential, so changes are quick) and any decel. I've tried trimming the vacuum part of the map, however it appears to be firing the instant I rock into decel. I've also thought about using decel fuel cut (and haven't tried it yet). If I do so, should I remove the ignition retard? The theory being that it's a race car that requires instant throttle response and as such don't have the opportunity to wait for ignition advance to be reintroduced. 


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Nice video :)

If you are using 'Gear Shift Control' then you will likely end up with unburnt fuel in your exhaust as Gear Shift Control applies an ignition cut. We have an item on our firmware request list already to add a fuel cut mode to Gear Shift Control.

One possible work around in the short term is to use a GP Limit table set to fuel cut. Depending on your gear shift control system would determine how you would control or activate the table.


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