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4g63t CAS wiring help


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Hey guys

Am running a 4g63t VR4/starion hybrid engine in my starion with a g4+ atom ecu.

Have hit a hurdle with the wiring, being which wires go to the ones on the CAS.

I have 4 wires on the CAS being red (+12v), black (gnd), yellow and white.

The yellow and white are trigger and sync, but for the life of me i cant find info on which is which.

Anyone know which is which?

Also as the loom has trigger 1 and sensor ground, and trigger 2 and sensor ground, so from what i can see in the wiring manual trigger 2 wire connect to the CAS sync wire, and trigger 1 to the trigger wire. 

Is it then ok to join the 2 shielded sensor grounds together to the CAS black (gnd) wire?


Any help appreciated


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