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Link g4+ storm bypass to dodge ram 1500 year 2000 stock ecu

Zilvia 444

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i have a dodge ram 1500  year 2000 in the shop . i want to install a link g4+ storm, it has an automatic transmission .

so i was thinking about cutting off the  injectors  coils and fuel pump control  wires from the stock ecu and reconnect it to the link ecu.then bypassing  sensors signals also to the link ecu.


can we do it or the link ecu will get fault sensor signals  ?





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Hi Nicolas,

These types of installs are known as 'piggy back' installs, and have been done in the past so that the vehicles CAN bus and/or auto trans will keep working. The Link ECU will be happy sharing signals, but sometimes the factory ECU is not. Often the only way to know is to try and install and see what the results are.

Are the crank and cam sensors reluctor or hall?



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HELLO again

i installed the link ecu in parallel with the vehicle  ecu  and installed a reluctor crank sensor on the front of the engine .

The engine started but it's slow through the rpm and feels hesitant . we did all the calibrations required  and check the firing order but still no luck

.injectors duty cycle is around 40 at idle and rise up with the rpm          NB: the car is parked and not under load .




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are you sharing the crank trigger and does this setup have a cam sensor also.

Do you have any errors, TRIGGER or otherwise.

Are you sharing the Temp sensors etc, if sharing temp sensors turn the pullup resistors off.

Have you calibrated the TPS, MAP SENSOR and have you carried out a Trigger calibration.



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