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Link ECU square black ignitor wiring


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Hey everyone ive inherited a project for a friend. Hes got a Nissan 300zx with a VH41 V8 in it we have had it running on the standard ECU but a Link ECU package came along on trade me that came from a VH41 powered jetboat.

Ive been through and tidied up the loom and extended a few wires here and there as they were to short for a car.


Question i have is its got this separate black box. Im guessing it is the ignitor as all the ignition channel wires run to it Blue with stripes and out the other end it goes to the coils

the question i have is the red wire that can be seen just chilling out is it connected to ign on 12v? i would think so but didn't want to damage anything...

All the wiring info i seem to find is for the V5s with ATemp sensors and run a different ignitor


Thanks very much




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