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A map of how sensors/inputs/etc link together.


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I think it would be cool to have a visualisation of how things are linking together.

As an example, Calibration table 3...

Hmmm this already has values in it, does this mean it's being used by something? Or can I change it? 

At the moment it's hard to tell without scanning through everything else to see if DI3 is referenced (unless I'm a noob and havent spotted how to check)

Or another example

Digital Input 5 is a switch on the dash....

What is this currently being used by if anything? can I use it without unknowingly turning something else off or on?

I think it would be cool to have either a spiderweb looking sort of map showing how all of the inputs and outputs link together.

Or otherwise, being able to bring up a map of just one sensor/input/etc and see what links to it.

An awful picture of how this could maybe work:



I do realise it gets complicated when you're considering everything that something like a temp sensor can influence, but could be handy regardless.


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Just an update on this...

Recently I've found that closed loop feedback from the wideband sensor hasnt been working, I saw that there was potentially a firmware issue so presumed that was the cause.
Updated to next firmware, but still the same issue. Hmmm.
I check the runtime values and find that the wideband is disabled because launch control is armed. (weird?)

I find out that part of the launch control setup (I havent used this in 6 months) was to be partially activiated by Virtual Aux 2 which I've since reused for something else as I assumed it was unused. Hence launch control armed, hence wideband not working.
I never thought to look under the launch control menu because I thought from memory launch control was only activated by a DI.

If under the menu of virtual aux 2 though, it told me that it currently triggers the launch control condition. I would have known straight away to disable it. (or use a different virtual aux)
Currently the only way for me to find out if virtual aux 2 is used by something is to scour through every single menu.
Maybe each DI / cal table etc could have something like this?


Having the "links" between DIs etc would be an extra safety net to help prevent some absent mindedness on my part (and other peoples) from causing some unexpected issues!

On a similar topic, being able to label DIs and cal tables etc is now a bloody awesome addition, and certainly cuts down the odds of the above situation happening hugely. So thanks for that.
Part of the reason I had this problem above is that I had not labelled the virtual aux when I was using it for something else. So I make sure to always label everything now, 100% of the time.
But I still think it would be nice to have some sort of extra safety net, especially for people running the Thunder etc where there are so many inputs and outputs to manage, which can be set up for all sorts of weird and wonderful things.


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