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Understanding Ecu Mapping


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Hi Rallylad,

The help file contained in the tuning software has a lot of information, but it is not really a guide on how to tune. The best option is an online course offered by HP Academy, it is USD$99 and very good.


If you have any questions on specific tuning functions or how to do things we are happy to help also.

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cool thanks, I was a ford technician for 11yrs and loved learning new info and going on courses, mapping always intrigued me, so that my new project, like one question I have on the main page the section with all the numbers, what do these represent? probably a stupid question sorry

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If you can post a screenshot of your main page then we can confirm what your are seeing. Most likely it is the fuel or ignition table. If it is the ignition table then it is degrees of ignition timing. If it is the fuel table then it will represent air flow and the amount of fuel to be added (as a %).

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