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AFR log goes funny when specifying min/max


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If I manually specifiy min and max values for AFR on the time plot (set them to 12and 14) it shows nothing on the graph and the numbers on the scale jump right up to gibberish.




Something else weird, my speedo signal comes from LRwheel speed. But if I download the log from the ECU, it shows up as 0 all the way across the board.

But if I look at driven wheel speed, it shows up fine even though this comes from LRwheel speed, both are specified for ECU logging.




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Hi DavidV,

In your setup do you have the chosen inputs setup as AUTO or MANUAL.

If you want precise clean data I always setup the input from default AUTO to Manual and insert the MIN and MAX values I wish to see,

For example on decal fuel cut you may see as lean as 30:1 depending on your WIDEBAND meter output.

I do not care about this value.

So for example I will set my WIDEBAND 1 to manual and set MIN to 9 - 10:1 and 20:1 or less.

Why have data that is garbage to filter through, keep it simple David.

Your speedo issue , sorry I have no answer for you other than looking at the entire PCL file .



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Yeah that's what I am trying to do, set them to manual... when I set the min and max values to say 12:1 and 15:1 for AFR.

That's when the values turn to garbage (between 176 and 205, as per the highlighted text)

If I set it back to auto, the values drop down to sensible AFR readings again.

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Hi David,

I can re-create the problem you are seeing when displaying the Lambda in AFR units with manual min/max. I will pass this on to the engineering team. 

There is an issue with the logging of the LR and RF wheel speeds, they are swapped. This will be fixed in the next release. Can you check it the RF parameter has your LR data?

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