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Plug in G4+ for modelled fuel and knock control on Mitsubishi Lancer evo 9


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Dear All

Happy New Year every body

I finished my map on the traditionnal fuel mode

I want swap on Modelled fuel equation map because after i want use gasoline and ethanol fuel.

I miss some information for start correctly the set up of modelled fuel equation mode

My car set up is : PTE injectors 1000cc, fuel pressure is std, i connect also one Ethanol content sensor to my G4+ Plug In, i have all time information fuel temperature and % of Ethanol

I miss this information :

  • Fuel Charge Cooling Coefficient
  • Min Effective Pulse Width
  • Charge Temp Correction Table

Can you help me for set up this parameter ?

Also i have one question concerning the Knock control. OEM ecu the knock is connected

I want to know if it is same on Link G4+ Pluig In?

This function is available? i can use knock control fonction?

Best regards


Ethanol Content Sensor
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all plugin ECU's have the Knock Control catered for you just need to turn knock control on in the ECU software.

As for the setup information you are requiring , best to right click on the title and click on WHAT'S THIS, this will open the HELP FILE and advise and explain on how functions etc work.

If you have anymore questions then ask away.

As for injector min effective pulse width etc is up to you to try source the information from your injector supplier or GOOGLE.

If the engine has been tuned on normal fuel and you alter these settings the tune will change.



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