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New to the mapping world

paddy irish man

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Hi guys,

I dont know anything about mapping my ECU but have a big interest and want to learn. I have signed up for the videos and look forward to watching them.

I currently own a skyline r33 running an rb25det lump using a Link -G4 ECU.

The car runs great with nice power but when starting the car (any time,warm or cold) it cranks over and over before it decides to start.

Im unsure why this is and hoping you guys can help me.



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Hi  Paddy,

this issue could be many and varied.

All dependant on ECU setup, inputs, fuel pressure bleed off, blah, blah blah.

It is an endless list of possible causes so you must start with diagnosing the basics as stated, fuel pressure bleed off, does the ECU have pre start prime enabled, does it have cranking fuel enabled, does it have correct ECT base fuel numbers etc, etc, etc.



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Hi Paddy,

One thing that will help us help you is if you upload the base-map out of your ECU. To do this you need to have PCLink V4.10.2 installed.

  1. Connect the tuning cable from the ECU to your laptop.
  2. Switch the ignition switch on and start up PCLink.
  3. Press F3 to connect to the ECU. When connected your will see connection status in the top right hand corner of PCLink change to green.
  4. Click File > Save As...    and choose somewhere to save the base-map.
  5. Upload the base-map so we can have a look.

You can get PCLink V4.10.2 from http://www.linkecu.com/Software-and-Support/PC-Link-Downloads

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