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Pre-Crank Prime & Charge Temp Approximation


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Is it possible to add an option to the pre-crank prime to inject fuel on the first engine revolution after sync? I'm finding that the prime happens before the rail is at full pressure, also a couple of key-on cycles will end up flooding the engine. I know there is a ign-start option but I dont have the available input free for this and I'm sure other installers would find this option useful

Also is there an easy way to tune the charge temp approximation map? I have got it working quite well without the need for seperate ECT or IAT enrichments but I think I'm quite far off where I should be, the fuel table looks quite strange, it ramps up sharply to about -40kpa where it flattens off alot, this seems to mimick the charge temperature table so it makes me think I'm tuning the fuel table around the poorly setup charge temp table. I have attached my tune is anyone is interested looking at it.



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Thanks Simon,

I tried the First Crank Enrichment with success, cant believe I overlooked this!

As for the charge temp approximation map I've set it all the read off the IAT only and done the ECT correction on the normal table. I did a quick retune and the fuel table is looking alot smoother, just need to sort out the IAT sensor heat soaking. Its before the throttle body but I'm considering moving it to just after the intercooler in the bumper area, how do you think this will affect the tuning? I guess I could always use a little bias towards ECT on the charge table to make up for the distance from the valves

Any thoughts?

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