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Evo 8 Drag Car G4+ Storm Black Wiring


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I am going to use the oem harness with a patch harness to get the inputs and outputs right before I complete a fill mil-spec harness but there is no support here in the U.S for me to ask questions relating to this vehicle and the ecu interface.

I am running 8 injectors, wasted spark(for now), 12 tooth crank trigger, 1 tooth cam trigger, factory TPS, Speed density (5 Bar MAP, AIT), Wideband, push button start, electronic boost controller (MAC Valve)

If someone could provide me assistance in getting these set up to their appropriate pins I would greatly appreciate it, I have them mapped out in my book but want to ensure that they are in the right locations needed.

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Hi Jsiebert,

If the triggers are standard same as factory EVO 8 then just select Mitsubishi EVO 7 -9 as your trigger setup.

Are you planning to run all 8 injectors at once or grouped stagged or ??????

Crank sensor  gets terminated to Trigger 1

Cam sensor gets terminated to trigger 2.

I have created a very basic file for you to use as a guide.



EVO 8 DRAG CAR G4+ Xtreme Black.pclr

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I appreciate the file, I looked at it and still have a few questions. The OEM harness has 3 MFI relay pins. (2 inputs (12v switched) , and 1 output) Where should these be configured in the ecu? Currently I am not getting power to the MFI relay which sends signal to the injectors and coils.

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On our Evo 8 plug-in ECU pin 38 is an output from the ECU to ground the main relay. This output on the ECU is configured as ECU Hold Power. Normally this relay controls the power supply into the ECU. This allows the ECU to keep the power to the ECU on after the key is shut off, so that the idle stepper motor can reset. Once the reset is complete the ECU shuts off the relay.

See PCLink Help > Wiring Information > Power and Ground Wiring > ECU hold Power Wiring to see more about how to wire this up.

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