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VR4 Plugin ECU


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Hi all, just wanting to clarify the manual for the vr4 plugin ECU.

AUX INJ 7 and AUX INJ 8 are mentioned in the manual, and have no apparent pin on the ECU.
but if i test enable them,  AUX INJ 5 momentarily loses its GND connection but restores itself immediately.
wondering if i have missed a pin when i was probing the ecu looking for the outputs.

also noted that it appears that a lot of the factory inputs and outputs have no connection to the circuitry past the ECU plug, 
namely pins 3, 6, 9, 11, 12,13, 14 15, 16 and 23.
does this confirm with the intended workings of the ECU.
just wanting to save some time from probing all wires for possible input/ output options.

great ECU, so easy to work with and configure.

thanks, Melv.

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Hi Melv,

I see your problem, I think the HELP file is obviously in need of updating.

Injector Aux 7 and 8 are definitely configurable in the software, but what pins are they.

Are there any wires in PIN positions 109 and 110.

Even in the latest G4+ software the HELP file is the same and a BASE MAP still allows function control over INJ 7 and 8.

Sorry I have no experience with this ECU or vehicle.

I need Simon or Scott to answer this one sorry.



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I have all pins in the loom apart from 15 and 53. I have added 53 into my car as that is aux 2 output but the EGR solenoid is not in the Australian vr4.

Pin15 is for EGR temperature sensing. Non existant in the Australian vr4 either.

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I have taken a look at the schematic for the VR4 ECU. INJ 7 and INJ 8 are not connected to any of the pins on the ECU's header. If INJ 5 (Purge) is shutting off momentarily when INJ 7 or 8 activate then this must be happening internally in the ECU. Which version of firmware are you running Melv?


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