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Volvo (Hella) E-throttle pedal


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Browsing through Volvo wiring diagrams for e-throttle pedal signal descriptions for readily available pedals from S60-V70-S80-XC90 models ~1999-2009 and also Ford era S40/V50/C30/C70 models 2004-2013 I see these pedals basically only use one potentio meter? 

The signals are,

1. 12 Volt

2. Sig + (U top = 12 V t = 4 ms)

3. Ground

4. Sig ground

5. Sig 0.4 -4 Volt

6. 5 Volt

I guess these pedals aren't useable?







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What is the difference between pins 2 and 5?

Pin 5 with a range of 0.4 to 4.0 volts sounds good. I'm not sure what is meant by "Sig + (U top = 12 V t = 4 ms)" on pin 2.


Looks like there is one normal 5 volt signal and the other signal receives 12 volt and is puls modulated from the pedal to the ECU. 

Description says 8% modulation at closed throttle and 50%-90% at WOT. Some pedal models use a shorter stroke and won't reach 90%.

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Ah ok, thanks, interesting. The pin 2 output is not something we support. Some customers have split one output from pedal assembly into two inputs on the ECU, there by fooling the ECU. However this is not recommended as the ECU has no way of verifying if the signal has a problem, and this could be dangerous.

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