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wrx 97 wont start


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Hi guys ,

i have a subaru GC8 97 lhd and i buy a link g4+ plug'in v3-v4.

but in first when i connect my link ecu , its was not feeding .

i find the problem thanks manuel . i had positive current on ground ecu .

The ecu start and i'm comming to connect my pc to the link .

But i have 4 fault code and no TP value and the rest i do not know .

-ecu fault code 17 : an volt 3 below error low value .

-ecu fault code 20 ;an volt 4 below error low value .

-ecu fault code 43 : an temp 1 above error high value .

-ecu fault code 46 ; an temp 2 above error high value .

i thinks it's very strange .

if anyone could help me .

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Good morning,

Chances are these faults are not real, they may have been caused during the installation process. Here is a little video I have made showing how to do clear the fault codes and how to do a TP Calibration (which I recommend you do).


If the fault codes come back after you clear them then it looks like you have an actual fault or your fault settings are setup incorrectly.


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