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GTR traction control


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i now have upgarded from the G4 to the G4+ and was looking in wire in the wheel sensors

After looking in the help file i did find that you need to wire them to DI1 to DI6

But some are already in use

DI1 Power steer

DI2 Start position

DI3 Vehicle speed

DI4 AC request

So in the series 1 to 6 4 are already taken by something else.

Is it also posible to wire the ones already connected to another DI input?


I was also looking at the wire pinouts and  i could not find DI7 and DI8

Where can i find them???

DI1 Pin 19 main harnass (Power steer)

DI2 Pin 43 main harnass (Start position)

DI3 Pin 53 main harnass (Vehicle speed)

DI4 Pin 46 main harnass (AC request)

DI5 Expansion connector 1 pin 3

DI6 Expansion connector 1 pin 4

DI7 not found

DI8 not found

DI9  Expansion connector 2 pin 5

DI10  Expansion connector 2 pin 6

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